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Sennheiser is a brand that resonates with every audiophile. Recently, it has launched a lot of novel offerings in the market that will make every Sennheiser lover’s dreams come true.  One such offering is Sennheiser’s Memory Mic. Let’s explore what this device is all about.

There are a lot of smartphones today with very high-quality cameras. But audio is always a miss for even the most hi-tech models. Many times you are forced to work with the sub-standard sound quality of smartphones when you want to record a video. This is especially true if you are a content creator, social media enthusiast, or a journalist. This device solves your problem in a unique way.

The Sennheiser Memory Mic has a small, lightweight body. It has a grayish colour and a USB port for charging. On the sides, a pairing button is installed along with an LED. This device weighs only 30 grams. It can be attached to your clothing with its magnetic silicone clip, just like any other microphone. It is compatible with both Apple and Android and requires the use of an application called Memory Mic App that comes free with its purchase.

It can tweak the mic sensitivity and offers three levels of sound recording- low, medium and high. You can choose a level according to the level of ambient sound so you can hear it crystal-clear. Use the low mode during high decibel sounds and high mode for vocals in a standard-setting.

The process of calibration is easy. After a few steps, while you keep the phone close to the microphone, the smartphone will play a string of sounds that will be recorded by the Memory Mic. This makes the quality of recordings better.

It works hand-in-glove with the dedicated application on your smartphone. It records the sound and after the recording is complete, it transfers the audio file via wifi to your smartphone. Then the app synchronizes the sound with the video.  It can record for up to 4 hours at a stretch and can work from very far distances.  The app will display the recording time and battery levels.

The mic of your smartphone is always active while you record with your Memory Mic. Your smartphone records the ambient sound while your Memory Mic records the main audio. The Memory Mic has an inbuilt audio mixer that lets you select the balance between ambient sound and the audio recorded by it.

The best part about this mic is that you can use additional accessories like additional microphones for your vlogs or interviews.

The Memory Mic has an omnidirectional condenser mic capsule installed in its design. It uses a high-pass filter that blocks the unwanted sound of wind and body movements. It also allows high flexibility with respect to angle and distance.

This mic also charges up real quick. You just need to recharge the lithium-polymer battery via the USB port and in two hours it will be charged fully. It will reach 70 percent of its capacity in an hour.

It can also be connected to the iPhone through HANDMIC Digital or ClipMic digital during interviews. It can be paired with Sennheiser’s  AMBEO Smart Headset for 3D audio recordings.

This product comes with a usage guide, so you don't have to worry about being lost while using it. It is also covered under 24 months of warranty.

Now that you know the various features of this fantastic new product, you know why it is selling like hotcakes. Innovation is at the heart of it. Sennheiser also offers after-sales services in case you face any minor hiccups. Let us know your thoughts about the Memory Mic in the comment section below.

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