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Wireless products are taking over the technology industry by storm.  With consumersevolving with changing needs and a variety of products to choose from, their preferences are also constantly changing. Today, they seek value in products and experiences that are hassle-free, uncomplicated and suit their extremely fast-paced and always on-the-move lives.

While they turn to music to unwind, ‘unwire’ and give them the much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation, their music experience should also be as ‘unwired’. To ensure an excellent music experience that best fits their needs, here’s a range of some of the finest products with best in-class German audio technology from Sennheiser:

PXC 550

  • The Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless headphones are the new definition of wireless which deliver a long-haul performance for travellers seeking the ultimate experience.
  • They are designed for the discerning business traveller.
  • A smart travel companion, the PXC 550 Wireless delivers Sennheiser’s renowned high-quality sound and up to 30 hours of battery performance in a sleek wireless headphone.
  • The intuitive, ear cup-mounted touch control panel and voice prompt system allows for a convenient selection of settings, while it can automatically pause music and calls when the headphones are taken off.
  • Just like the best business travel experience, it anticipates every need of the user, letting them travel in supreme wireless comfort and free from distractions.

Momentum in-ear Wireless

Momentum in-ear Wireless headset

  • The Momentum Wireless takes wireless to another level with its take-anywhere mobility.
  • The new MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless combines sleek design and immaculate sound performance.
  • This premium neckband headset made of luxurious, high-quality materials, offers exceptional hi-fi wireless sound.
  • The sleek and robust ergonomic around-the-neck design of the MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless allows for comfortable all day listening.Well-conceived in every detail, the MOMENTUM In-Ear Wireless provides a rich, uncompromised experience.
  • For superior acoustic precision, its stainless steel in-ear sound tunnels have been custom machined.
  • Its high-quality dynamic speaker system delivers the signature MOMENTUM sound effortlessly: powerful bass response, detailed vocal projection and a great sound stage.

Momentum Free

Momentum Free

  • The delightful MOMENTUM Free is our most compact Bluetooth headphone ever. 
  • A true MOMENTUM that packs all the style and substance you could ask for – in a highly portable design.The MOMENTUM Free offers all the amenities you would expect from a premium headset. 
  • It communicates seamlessly with your mobile device thanks to a three-button remote and high-quality in-line microphone between the earpieces. 
  • So, you can make phone calls and control music on the go with ease. For ultimate convenience, multi-connection with up to 2 devices at once and 3-way calling support are also provided.
  • Once you listen to the MOMENTUM Free you are not inclined to stop any time soon. Just like you, it is always on the go and hassle-free.

CX 7.00 BT

  • The CX 7.00 BT is 100% Sennheiser sound and 0% wire – which means 100% best music experience, and 0% hassle or restriction due to wires. 
  • The wireless Sennheiser CX 7.00BT lets you stay in touch and enjoy a great listening experience anywhere. 
  • The sleek neckband headset delivers a clear, detailed sound and enhanced bass, ensured by Sennheiser’s acoustic technology and leading edge wireless technologies. 
  • A full-fledged headset, the CX 7.00BT lets you control not only your music but also your phone calls. 
  • With a handy three-button remote and a high-quality microphone, you are ready to communicate effortlessly. Thanks to 3-way calling support, this headset is also one for the busy.
  • With a battery life of up to 10 hours on one single charge and featuring 1.5-hour fast USB charging you can go a long way.
  • Simply put, the CX 7.00 BT is tailor made for the mobile lifestyle.
CX 6.00 BT
CX 6.00 BT
  • A true heavy-weight in sound, clad in an ultra-light-weight frame, the Sennheiser CX 6.00BT wireless in-ear headset is everything you need to enjoy your music and videos on the go. 
  • It offers superior fit and comfort, while advanced wireless technology makes sure that it sounds every bit like a Sennheiser should. 
  • The CX 6.00BT is a fully equipped headset with advanced features like convenient multi-connection capability, which enables pairing with up to two devices simultaneously. 
  • Making and taking calls is a breeze thanks to the integrated microphone and the 3-way calling support.
  • With its intuitive controls, robust build, and long battery life the CX 6.00BT is bound to make your everyday more pleasurable, anywhere you go.

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